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C-Mate : Your companion for C in Sublime Text

What is C-Mate ?When it comes to writing code then either we choose an IDE like codeblocks or ecllipse, OR we use some text editor like notepad++ or sublime text. Sublime text is a very powerful, flexible and free text editor. You can install any package you want in sublime which help you writing codes easily. C-Mate is also such a sublime package which will help you write C code efficiently on ubuntu. It consists of many useful snippets, pre-coded functions and a powerful build system.

Why C-MateAlthough there is a pre-installed c++ sublime package which helps you writing c as well as c++ codes but the feature it lags is the code running in the terminal. People like writing code in sublime but when it comes to build and run the code then they need to go the directory containing the code file and then build and run it from there. It gets so annoying when we debug the code. No sublime package allows to run the code within the sublime. Here C-Mate makes the exception. Its build system is…